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Oftentimes in a meeting... the managing director throws out something like, "Oh, did you guys catch that article in The Journal?" And you don't want to be the person on your team ... that didn't read it. [The Wall Street Journal] is a great development tool for them to recognize you're on the ball and staying on top of current events.
Barclay Kuntz
Analyst Relationship Manager
Merrill Lynch
I developed an interest in mergers and acquisitions after a company I worked for was purchased by a competitor. I didn't understand how an acquisition worked, and a co-worker I questioned about the process suggested I start reading The Wall Street Journal ....

Now, 25 years later, as founder and senior managing partner for a private equity firm, I continue to rely on The Journal for relevant news and business trends.

Jim Patton
Founder and Sr. Managing Partner
KPAC Solutions
We recently had a Wall Street Journal reporter speak at our company's annual leadership meeting .... We have since referred to his remarks many times and have used them to help guide us in our branding efforts. On behalf of our entire leadership team, I can say we benefited from the insight and expertise that was shared with us that day, much as we do when reading The Wall Street Journal every day.
Jim Sabourin
VP, Corporate Communications
UnumProvident Corporation